Nestled in the Canadian West Coast Coastal Mountains, there is a valley that we presently call Pemberton. Throughout its four seasons, each day it shares with me one thing; inspiration through light.

Using a variety of cameras, owned or borrowed, for one year, each day, i will photograph and share with you this inspiration; an inspiration i like to call the Valley of Light.

Thank you for visiting. May your day be of joy.

Polek Rybczynski


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Polek I just listened to your music for the first time. I deep bow and thank you for your authentic expression. I remember our conversation sitting in the sun at the Delta. The greatest complexity is so simple. The greatest genius is in the simplest of sounds. With love, Lucia

    • Thank you for the back flow Lucia 🙂
      Yes that was a nice conversation. There are certain classical piano and folk guitar pieces that bring this forward for me really well. When certain notes are left to ring/vibrate out into silence (or stillness) after a long sequence i find really cool. There are peoples voices that do this in amazing ways too! And that is an artistry.

  2. Amazing pictures Polek! Wow you really capture the moment. I am looking forward seeing more of them … It is great to see what can be created by focusing one day at a time. Nice hearing your voice as well! Matthias

    • Greetings Matthias,
      Thank you for stopping by and exploring the photographs. It is quite the learning journey. A few days from now will mark the half way point.
      And i look forward in sharing the beauty of this valley; thank you for your support 🙂

  3. Hi, my name is also Rybczynski. Jozef Rybczynski. (Not James Bond). But my wife’s first name is Pola. She is Pola Rybczynska. (Not Polek). We live in Poland, Gdansk.

    • Hi Jozef,

      thank you for your comment.

      It is a small world! I am originally from Wroclaw and my family name ancestry came from Krakow. You are the first Rybczynski i have met outside of my family 🙂

      Take care!

      • Hi, Polek,
        I am also originally from Wroclaw. I am born in Wroclaw, but when I was two years old, my parents moved to Kalisz, where I spent next 16 years. Now I live in Gdansk. You see, the world becomes even more small. It is funny.

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