The book is nearly here!

Greetings All!

First of all, to the ones waiting for their copy of the Valley of Light book, thank you for your patience.

Second of all, i have just submitted my final proof approval! This means that Freisens is ready to print!

I have decided to get 250 copies printed for the first run. I am very excited to say the least. These should be shipped from the print house in Manitoba around the first week of September. As soon as they arrive on my door step, i will begin shipping out copies to all who have pre-purchased through the IndieGogo campaign i ran near the start of the year 🙂

If you have not pre-purchased a copy and would like to, please contact me via this blog and i will let you know how you can pre-purchase.

I had to make a design change, re-sizing the book to 8″x10″, which was a crucial decision to make for the better of the book. Keeping with the Hardcover, its a true gem.

I will touch base again with you all when the books arrive, ready for the world to enjoy and get inspired by!

Have a joy-full day and thank you again to the people who supported me in making this book happen!


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