Lisa Richardson on the Valley of Light

Greetings All.

I would like to share with you an article that our amazing local writer Lisa Richardson wrote on the Valley of Light for the Whistler Question and the Pemberton Wellness Almanac.

I feel very fortunate in having Lisa’s support in this project and am always stoked to read her wide and varied pieces.

Thank you Lisa.



3 thoughts on “Lisa Richardson on the Valley of Light

  1. You’re kind, Polek!
    I’ve been inspired by this project of yours on so many levels. Just seeing this little homeplace of ours, unfold daily, has been lovely. But, the daily creative practice you embarked on has stuck with me, as a call, invitation, challenge. I respect the way you’ve wrestled resistance and all the other things that make creative life a battle. Stepping to this next level, and making the ask – another thing I admire. I’m rooting for you, and watching and learning here on the sidelines, hoping some of this will rub off. (Practice, polish, present prayerfully to the world. Something like that?)

  2. My friend 🙌🏻
    I’ve gone on a mission this morning to find you, after a visit in my dream last night.
    Sending good vibes and hugs to you all the time… but especially today..??
    The valley of light is AWESOME ! Thank you 🌄
    Biggest hello to you and your beautiful family 💙💜💚🐾

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