Thank you!

one cycle finishes, to another one expanding around it.

thank you for following my journey through time, space, light and trust; where the internal co-created with the external.

my next cycle involves making this blog into a book. if you have a helping hand to share with me in any aspect of publishing a book, financial funding/assistance/grants especially, please feel welcome in leaving a comment below and i will get in contact with you.

i will also co-create video’s of each month as a sound visual experience for you to enjoy. i will post them here, so be sure to check in.

some wonder-full people have approached and interviewed me on this photo-journal too. i will also post these here to for you to enjoy.

but i guess if i was to ask of you one thing, it would be, where ever you are, step outside and experience the light that always surrounds you. as it is within us, so it will be around us.

to a joy-full and enlightening time ahead.

polek rybczynski


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